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Established in British Columbia by committed social activists, the Third Bridge Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to community empowerment, engagement, and the advancement of social mobility. The name "Third Bridge" holds significant meaning. While two bridges currently connect the North Shore region—a hub for one of the largest Farsi-speaking communities—to the rest of Metro Vancouver, there's been a longstanding demand for a "Third Bridge." The aspirations of the Farsi-speaking population in BC revolve around a desire for greater connectivity. Our foundation seeks to be that metaphorical "Third Bridge," bridging the divide and ensuring our communities are integrated into mainstream society and promoting vibrant cultural exchanges. Initiated in 2019 with our signature weekly networking event, Tek Talk Vancouver, we've since broadened our horizons by introducing diverse community-building activities. This ongoing evolution ensures that our initiatives continually align with and cater to the dynamic needs of our community.

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303-12 Athletes way, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 0B5, Canada


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